In BIM6D each project is a challenge in where to look for new ways to improve workflow and its automation. Not only because we’ll become faster in repetitive tasks but also because it’s the only way to ensure the model quality and to avoid human errors.

In screenshots shown below, we explain the evolution of a project (confidential) in which we’ve started performing an audit task for MEP existing BIM models in order to push them to an suitable level of quality for its development to BIM models for construction.

It is becoming increasingly common to find up BIM models for construction tenders but in a low level of development or bad quality and also, BIM models that are not fullfilling the BEP (BIM Execution Plan) requirements stablished by client.

BIM protocols and requeriments from client are becoming more demanding in complexity and uses but do we have the tools and capacity to check if the BIM models have the minimun quality?, do they cumply with expectations and requirements?, are they available for predefined uses?, do they have a standard classification system (or a not standard one) integrated for all BIM models for all different disciplines?


Dynamo nodes for BIM model audit created by BIM6D

The automation tools used in this project allow:

-To audit if the component taxonomy match with the predefined in BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
-To audit if components are encoded, also to audit if the code is right according to a classification system included in BEP
-To audit if components are in the correct workset

In blue we can see the right components and in orange the incorrect ones for the audit & performance process:


Once the taxonomy is audited, for the right components, we have other automation tools that perform the next tasks just in one click!:

-To classify automatically all components regarding the BIM protocol (BEP)
-To move components to the right workset that are organized in disciplines and subdisciplines
-To generate a common and unique database on the cloud for data visualization for the federated entire project during its evolution
-To manage a huge amount of data, quantities, specifications, costs, etc. in a automated way for each project discipline

Excerpt from the generated database

data visualization for BIM integrated in our own CDE platform (common data environment)