Developing BIM methodology in its sixth dimension, BIM6D generates analytical models for energy simulations, we analyze many aspects to be considered in the face certification faced to get the BREEAM certification. We make comparisons between different design options to facilitate the decision-making and link the results and information related to efficiency and certification in BIM processes in an integrated approach.


From a developed BIM model with a LOD enough, we perform a complete management of work files composing the BIM model, we reconfigure the worksharing process and correct the issues founded, we increase the LOD to a suitable level and we develop a BIM Execution Plan that guides the further progression for the project.


In this practical example we show how can be used daylight analysis to size the shadow protections. In BIM we can create parameters to compare analysis results against required results for different space uses. With programming we can link simulations performed in “non-BIM” software with BIM models, to get enter full neccesary data in our project.


In this practical example we wanted to show the facade design process from energy efficiency approach. We’ve used the incident solar radiation on panels that shapes the façade to determinate the openings size, using BIM technology.

BIM Adoption in 28 EU Countries

European Parliament Directive to Spur BIM Adoption in 28 EU Countries.
The European Parliament voted to modernize European public procurement rules by recommending the use of electronic tools such as building information electronic modelling, or BIM, for public works contracts and design contests.