POWERBIM applied to the sixth dimension of BIM. With POWERBIM we can link the BIM digital model and its databases with the results of complete energy simulations. With the use of POWERBIM in the sixth dimension you will have an application in real time that gathers all the energy information of your project linked to the spaces and components of the model.


POWERBIM links AUTODESK FORGE with MICROSOFT in just one app. Users can upload their BIM models and can manage and upload their custom reports, POWERBIM shows the power of I of BIM in real time, without the need of software to be installed on PC.


BIM6D includes POWERBIM for all modelling, coordination or management contracted by clients. It’s the best way to be ready for commercial version. In this case we show the result for CAP Sant Esteve Sesrovires, for architect Lluis moran, for Infraestructures.cat


POWERBIM can be used to manage the complete lifecycle of a project that uses BIM methodology, for all BIM dimensions, through the more powerful that is the I of BIM