Es.Bim is integrated by a multidisciplinary enterprise group and public administrations with the goal to implement BIM in Spain.

BIM6D has been selected to participate in this group  for the development of documentation and guidelines related to processes and BIM technology.

An ACTION PLAN has been established for BIM implementation in Spain with 10-points:

  1. Boost the BIM implementation in AEC Spanish industry from the creation of a Working Group with an open participation for the AEC industry,  both public and private sectors.
  2. Promotion of the use of BIM over the life-cycle of the Infrastructures.
  3. Raise awareness among Public Administrations for the establishment of BIM requirements in the infrastructure tenders with the goal to reduce its costs.
  4. Establishing a schedule for the legislative adoption for the extensive  employment related to BIM.
  5. Develop national standards that facilitate the homogenous BIM usage.
  6. Develop the academic map for BIM training in Spain and advocate for its inclusion in the academic programs.
  7. Promoting digitization of derivative works for infrastructure development, eliminating the physical form, with the consequent economic an environmental savings.
  8. Support the implementation of the “Open BIM”, that means that all the tasks related to BIM to be based on open andnon-proprietary standards, interoperable with each other.
  9. Supporting further and better positioning of the Spanish industry throughout the world through the use of BIM metodology.
  10. Assure the participation of Spain in international decision forums.

This initiative is promoted by the Ministry of Development and  will without a doubt constitute a turning point in the working methods for firms and companies with this technology. Spain will be integrated together with Europe in BIM adoption as methodology for compulsory use which is certainly a positive step for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

The BIM Committee has settled 5 working groups specialized on key issues for the BIM implementation in Spain, among them, the processes and technology groups, in which BIM6D has been selected to collaborate together with other specialized companies.



Group handling the analysis and proposal for legislative modifications, specifications, supporting the standardisation of processes and the creation of an environment for the project deliveries with BIM technologies.


  • Standardise BIM usage in Spain.
  • Legislative updates for BIM usage.
  • Adapt the tender specifications for BIM usage.


  • Guideline development, Protocols and Standards.
  • Drafting of recommendations for the legislative modification in Spain.
  • Preparation of Tender Terms adapted to BIM at the various lifecycle stages of infraestructures.
  • Processes definition for BIM deliveries.


The Group will address the technology basis needed to allow the implementation, guaranteeing interoperability, usage of Open Bim and their free access.


  • Guarantee interoperability between software platforms.
  • Ensure the Open Bim usage.

We are proud to contribute through our  know-how in the definition of these processes that will point the way for BIM implementation in Spain.