In a quality BIM project, model component requisites are previously set regarding its Level Of Development (LOD). These requisites should be reflected in the Project Bim Execution Plan which is elaborated by the BIM Management Team.

LOD Sheets are documents to justify the Level Of Development for model components regarding geometry and contained information. Organized by constructive categories, LOD Sheets show in a structured way the associated metadata defining technical and geometrical properties that are necessary for the correct definition of the project. The Level Of Development (LOD) evaluates how far geometry and metadata have been developed for each component by a numerical value:

  • LOD100 – Preliminary Design
  • LOD200 – Schematic Design
  • LOD300 – Design Development
  • LOD400 – Construction Documents
  • LOD500 – Facility Management

BIM6D generate automatized processes for the LOD Sheet generation with the required information by the project owner. So that we can evaluate if LOD has arrived to the requested level or it’s necessary to improve the modelled component quallity. We’ll explain the process that we perform below: