In our usual workflow, as in many companies that already work in Revit, there is a BIM protocol and among the main topics included on it, the shared parameters have a special interest to take them into account, because we should use allways the same project by project, if possible.

What happens is that each project is different, with different requirements of data (parameter values) to coordinate, and we can be wrong by including many shared parameters that we will not use later or worse, we could stop using necessary parameters of other projects or families or denominate them in another way.

A partir de un excel, podemos listar todos aquellos parámetros compartidos útiles ya no sólo para un proyecto, sino para todos los de un despacho, y fácilmente escoger cuáles de ellos utilizamos o no en un proyecto determinado, pues bajo nuestro punto de vista lograr 3 objetivos con los parámetros:

From an excel, we can list all those shared parameters useful not only for a project, but for all of them in the office, and easily choose which of them we use or not in for each project.

For us we should get 3 objectives with the parameters:

  1. Using the same parameters for all projects, if possible, to be able to compare them if necessary, or incorporate families from one project to other with these parameters
  2. Being able to select which parameters we need in each project and thus not have those that will not be necessary
  3. Automating the parameter creation in projects and the txt file of shared parameters

In the video below, we explain the process and if you are interested in the routine, do not hesitate to contact us in