The BGD Consortium – Barcelona Global Design, consisting of two prestigious companies specializing in Healthcare Architecture, Pinearq & Bbats, begins the BIM project development for the Children’s Hospital in Panama.

The team has opted for BIM methodology at the highest level of integration, involving all disciplines for project design, and with the collaboration of BIM6D Consulting for the development of BIM Information Management.

Among the tasks of support and collaboration with the design team, BIM6D develop:

-Installation and management for a Common Data Environment (CDE) platform on the cloud,  to achieve better collaborative BIM integration to share the information generated by the project, communications, roles, model visualization and automated reporting from the graphical and non-graphical information from the BIM.

-Development of automated processes that energize high-volume repetitive tasks, expediting the development of the project and avoiding errors and data loss.

We are in the beginning of the project, but we already have the tools and capabilities to address this challenge in the best way, based on our previous experience on large volume and complexity.

CDE-Hospital del Niño